How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

Hair extensions can be a great way to add length to short hair as well as fullness to thin locks. They can also be used to help your hair weather that awkward "growing out" phase if you're between styles. These additions can provide you with hair that is more versatile and enjoyable to style. 

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

It is really difficult to provide a definitive answer when it comes to determining how long hair extensions will last on a particular person. There are numerous factors that can affect the length of time you might expect to have them in. Some of these are further explained below, but they don't cover every possibility. 

Types of Hair Extensions

One of the most important factors that determines how long hair extensions last is the type of installation method and hair extensions that are used. 

Tape in Hair Extensions

One popular method of attaching hair extensions to natural hair is by using adhesive tape that has welt hair to affix it to both sides of your own hair. This type of hair extensions allows your hair to grow out easily and it doesn't require any heat to work. 

If taken care of correctly, you can expect tape-in hair extensions to last between four and eight weeks. An important grooming tip if you're using this type of hair extensions is to not brush or comb your wet hair when it is wet. First, make sure your hair is completely dry. 

Sew in Hair Extensions

In order to have hair extensions sewn in, first, your hairstylist will cornrow your hair. A needle and thread are then used to attach the extensions to the braids. If your hair is thick, sew in hair extensions are often a good choice.

Frequent moisturizing is the key to helping your hair extensions last. Deep conditioning your scalp, the edges of the weave and your nape at least once each week help keep your hair healthy and natural looking. You can expect sew in hair extensions to last between six and eight weeks. 

Clip in Hair Extensions

Like their name suggests, clip in hair extensions are hair strands that have handy clips attached to their ends. These can be clip to your natural hair. 

In general, clip in hair extensions are the method that damages your natural hair the least. They also tend to be the easiest to use and are less permanent than other types of hair extensions. 

Properly caring for clip in hair extensions can mean that they last for three to six months. Sometimes you can use them for over a year if they are washed and dried properly. A brush made especially for hair extensions can also be helpful.

After about 30 wears, wash them gently with a natural product that is also free of sulfate. Be sure to dry them well before you attempt to brush them out. Otherwise, the hairs might break and the extensions could wear out more quickly. 

Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions are sometimes also called pre-bonded hair extensions. This is because they are bonded to the roots of your natural hair with a special tool that resembles a hot glue gun and specialized bonding material. 

In general, you can expect fusion hair extensions to last three to four months with proper care. Using heating tools sparingly as well as the right kind of hairbrush can help them last. 

For a more natural look, you might need to have this type of hair extensions repositioned every two or three months. Doing so helps accommodate the natural growth of your hair. 

Micro Link Hair Extensions

In addition to being called micro links, you might also hear these hair extensions referred to as micro loop and micro bead. Using this type of hair extensions means that you'll have small wefts of hair that are attached to sections of your natural hair. 

There is no glue or heat used to attach the hair extensions to your natural hair with micro links. If these extensions are taken care of well, you can expect them to last up to three or four months. 

One of the advantages of choosing micro links hair extensions is that you can treat them much like your own natural hair. Wash them and use the same styling products you would otherwise use on your hair.

Because the growth of your natural hair will move micro link hair extensions away from your scalp, you'll need to have them repositioned every two or three months. This usually involves moving the hair extensions upward to accommodate this movement. 


While many people wouldn't at first think of wigs being a type of hair extension, your hairstylist is likely to have a different mindset about it. Wigs are usually attached to a base of either netting or plastic. This is designed to hold the hair in place while also covering your whole head. 

If your wig is made from synthetic hair, expect it to last between four and six months. Natural hair wigs that are taken care of can last for a year or even longer. 

It's best to not use any type of heat styling product on your wig. When you aren't wearing your wig, keep it stored in a case specially designed for it. You should also avoid brushing the wig when it is wet. 

Caring for Your Hair Extensions

As you might have guessed, the other important factor that helps determine how long your hair extensions last is the way you care for it. Be sure to follow the recommendations of your hairstylist regarding the best products and methods for taking care of your hair extensions. 

Talking with your hairstylist before getting hair extensions helps align the type with your goals and your desired care level. This step can go a long way toward making your hair extensions last as long as possible.