How to Get Rid of Split Ends

It's the holy grail of hair care. How do you get rid of split ends, those pesky things that lead to breakage and make your hair look the picture of unhealthy. 

What Are Split Ends

Split ends are what occurs when a strand of hair frays or fragments into two or more pieces. The cause of this is stress on the follicle, but this can be caused by a variety of things, from harsh chemical treatments, to heat styling, and even the way a person towels dry their hair. 

Split Hair Prevention

Without a doubt, the best way to avoid split ends, is never to get them at all. In order to do that it's key to understand the causes of split ends. 

Causes of Split Ends

  • Overbrushing 
  • Toweling Dry Too Roughly
  • Heat from Blowdryers and Straighteners
  • Chemical Treatments (such as perms and relaxers)
  • Coloring

By focusing on these different causes you can reduce stress on your hair follicle, reducing split ends. 

How Do You Brush Your Hair?

Be gentle! Don't tug and pull roughly because you have snarls. Get a specific detangling device such as a wide toothed comb or a wet brush. And when using a bristle brush, remember that there's definitely such a thing as too much brushing. 

How Are You Toweling Dry?

It is critical to treat hair well while it is drying, as it is at its most susceptible to damage then. Rubbing a towel roughly on your head as soon as you come out of the shower encourages breakage. That's a high price to pay for partially dry hair. Instead of rubbing, gently apply pressure and squeeze the water out of your hair. You'll still get drier, but without the damage. 

How Are You Using a Hairdryer?

The same goes for drying hair with a hairdryer. Taking sopping wet hair and blasting it with hot hair isn't doing your follicles any favors. Instead, try and let your hair air dry as frequently as possible to avoid split ends. Of course who can avoid the hairdryer entirely? But try to use it more sparingly, aiming to get hair 60-90% dry before turning on the hairdryer for styling. Also, avoid blasting the ends with heat as much as possible, instead aiming at the roots and upper shaft. 

Chemical Treatment? Coloring? Go Pro

If you're going for a perm or relaxing your hair, it's not the time to skimp. And it's definitely not a good idea to try a DIY home version. A poorly administered perm or relaxant can cause major split hair damage. Some kind of coloring can handle at home, but if you're doing anything that leads to drying, especially lightening or bleaching, you really need to discuss the possibility of split ends with a stylist.

Ways to Hide the Split Ends You Have

The truth is, once you have split ends, there's no entirely foolproof way of getting rid of them other than chopping them off. As this can lead to having to lose a lot of length, especially when considering how far split ends can travel up the shaft, so the affect further up from the ends. If you're not ready to lose all that length, here are some tips for hiding split ends and stopping them from spreading.

Shine Serum

One effective way to camouflage the pesky little guys is to use a shine serum. This can smooth them out, and make it look like you have healthy locks.

Hydrate and Condition

A great way to mitigate the scruffy look of split ends is to moisturize as much as possible. A popular choice for restoring moisture is a coconut oil mask. This treatment is simple to do DIY. You just take a scoop of coconut oil, rub it into shampooed hair, concentrating on the middle and ends of the hair shafts. Tie your hair up, leave it for half an hour before rinsing out and shampooing hair again. 

Stop Split Ends from Getting Worse

Once again, the best way to stop split ends from getting worse is to cut them off. But if you're not ready to chop so much of your ends off, here are a couple of tips for stopping the spread.

Try Hair Dusting

This technique allows stylist to snip split ends, while leaving as much length as possible. This won't get your hair back to a healthy pristine state, but it can slow the spread and look good without loosing length. 

Don't Pick at Them!

This will just make them worse. As tempting as it can be to attempt to rid your hair of the snarly snags with your bare hands, trust me, that just makes matters worse. 

Be Careful with Products and Styling

Even though heat styling contributes to split ends we can't stop entirely. But by styling on clean, dry hair, you'll be reducing damage that the heat does to the strands. When you weigh down hair with lots of oils or haircare products you're setting up the perfect situation for hair exposed to heat to be damaged.

Additionally, take careful note of the products that you use on your hair. Are there drying ingredients that are only going to serve to expand the domain of your split ends. 

The fact remains, that the most surefire way to get rid of split ends and keep those locks healthy is by regularly cutting off the ends. This can be frustrating, as it can make it feel as though it takes forever to grow hair out. But there's a fast way to have lustrous, long locks while keeping hair healthy and trimmed. Chic Magnifique provides a wide range of extensions that provide instant longer and thicker hair, all safely and while maximizing hair health. So next time you get a trim, assure you're stylist it's ok to take off as much as needed to keep your ends healthy and split end free, and enjoy long hair with Chic Magnifique