How To Put In Clip In Extensions?

Although they are not as easy to use and wear as Invisible Glory Extensions by Chic Magnifique, you can put in your own clip-in hair extensions if you have the time and patience. When you use clip-in styles, you must follow the directions exactly to make sure they blend in with your natural hair and stay put all day. Otherwise, they could slip loose and ruin your perfectly styled mane in an instant. To help you get the right look, here’s a helpful guide on how-to put in clip-in hair extensions.  

Gather All Your Tools

To keep from having to run back and forth for additional tools, grab everything you will need and put it all on your vanity before getting started.

You will need:

  • Clip-in hair extensions
  • Duckbill hair clips
  • Mini rubber bands
  • Soft paddle brush
  • Mirror
  • Towel

Now that you have all your items ready, you can focus on putting in the clips and blending the extensions into your hair. Here’s what to do to get your desired look.  

Lay Your Extensions Flat on the Table

Depending on your brand of choice, your hair extensions may come in packs of six to ten pieces. Take all the wefts you will likely need and look them over for any damage or imperfections. You don’t want to go half the day before noticing the strands are coming out of the clips, after all. If all looks okay, use your soft paddle brush to lightly brush the strands and remove any tangles. Then, lie them flat on a towel near your work area.

Brush Your Natural Hair to Remove Tangles

You also do not want any tangles in your natural hair as you clip the extensions into place. So, gently run the soft paddle brush through your hair while being careful to avoid breaking the strands. Brush along your scalp to thoroughly smooth out the hairs in that area since you will need to avoid brushing close to your head after placing the clips. If you have any flyaways, plan to smooth them out later when you create your perfect style.

Carefully Part and Section Your Hair

Next, you will want to part your hair how you normally wear it, then create precise sections using your bobby pins and duckbill clips. Take your time in creating each section as it will save you a lot of frustration while trying to evenly place the wefts. Otherwise, the extensions could look uneven and fail to fully blend with your hair.

Working from the top of your head to about one inch above your ears, create four even sections of hair. Tie each one up into a tiny bun and secure with two bobby pins. Then, bring up one more section in the back, leaving the bottom inch of your hair loose to hold the first clip-in weft.

Clip In a Weft an Inch Above the Nape of Your Neck

While working as close to the roots as you can get, place the largest weft by sliding the clips down into your hair. If the clips feel like they may slip, tease the hair by your roots to roughen them up a bit.

Alternatively, you can put your natural hair into two to three tiny ponytails in that area to better hold the clips. Make sure to use mini rubber bands since they provide the most hold without adding bulk. Also, after clipping it in, verify that the weft lies flat and straight without bunching toward the middle.

Keep Working Upward Along the Back of Your Head

Once the first weft feels secure, you can let down the section of hair just above to place the next piece. As before, use a large weft that spans from ear to ear to achieve full coverage. You may need to tease or band the hair to make the clips stay in place all day long. Your natural hair texture will dictate if you need the extra support. Blend as you go, so you can see where to make adjustments before you move too far into the process.   

Move Onto the Sides to Create an Even Fullness

The smaller wefts included in your clip-in hair extensions kit are meant for the sides of your head. You will likely need to use two per side to create an even appearance. Start with the section behind your ears, clipping in the weft as close to the root as possible. Then, repeat with the other side before moving onto the front sections. Once you have all four pieces secured, let down the rest of your hair and blend the extension with your natural hair using a brush or your fingers.

Blend and Style to Perfect Your Look

With all your clip-in extensions installed, you can complete the final blending touches to make sure your hair looks natural. After that, all that is left to do is style your hair like you normally would to create your desired look. Be careful to avoid tugging at the clips with the brush to keep the extensions firmly in place.

Consider using argan, castor, or coconut oil products for a boost of moisture and to keep flyaways at bay. Also, remember to use heat-protectant products before curling, straightening, or blow-drying your natural hair and extensions. As long as you have high-quality hair extensions from a reputable brand, you can wash out the product residue later on using a gentle sulfate-free shampoo.

And with that, you are finished. You can now go about your day confident that your hair will look fantastic hour after hour. If you prefer a little less work each morning, switch to hair extensions with a wire loop instead. With that move, all you have to do is put the wire around the crown of your head, then blend the locks into your natural hair and style like usual. It’s really that easy!