How To Find Your Perfect Hair Extensions Colour

So, the thing with hair extensions is ... They need to look absolutely 100% realistic.

After all, that is the main goal of getting one in the first place right?

It simply needs to make your hair look like it's thicker, denser and longer than your normal hair.

In order to get this right, it means you need the perfect hair extension for your hair. That means length and color needs to match perfectly, to get the look that you most desire from your extensions.

The purpose of this guide is to give you as step-by-step plan for choosing the perfect Chig Magnifique hair extension that's going to give you thicker, longer hair that looks natural to you.

Step 1. Always Match to the Ends of Your Hair.

Your hair extensions will always be the most noticeable at the ends of your hair. That means this is where the blend between your hair and the extensions needs to be seamless.

If you have darker roots it's not a problem. Your hair will sit on top of the halo and as such it will blend just fine.

Step 2. If You Are Not Sure ... Go Lighter.

If you find that your hair color is in between 2 colors but it's still close, it's always better to opt for the lighter color.

If your halo arrives and it appears to be slightly too light you can quite easily tone the halo darker. But you simply cannot ever bleach a dark halo lighter.

Our Chic Magnifique Halos are made from Kanekalon fibers. While these fibers are synthetic but extremely similar to remy hair fibers, they undergo much the same chemical processes to seal in the colors and texture of the hair.

This means that like with remy hair, if you apply bleach to our kanekalon extensions, it will ruin them.

Step 3. Never forget; near enough is often good enough.

Our halos are made with a special multi-strand system. All this really means is that, just like our real hair, not every strand and fiber in our halos are perfectly identical in color.

Rather we focus on versatility by making them multi-stranded so that the weft of for example our platinum blonde color is not only one color, but rather a natrual spectrum of platinum blondes.

This is done to make the halos look more natural and in order to give it a higher chance of blending with your natural hair color.

Step 4. Still not sure? Ask us.

We're here to help!

The best way for us to make absolutely sure you get the color you need is to check it for ourselves.

Please take a selfie-photo in natural lighting using your phone and send it to "" and we will give you our recommendation within 24 hours.

We hope this has been helpful and we look forward to serving you soon!