Our Factory

Compassion Sourced Hair

- Sustainably Crafted.

At Chic Magnifique we tremendously value sustainability, ethics and having an environmentally friendly impact. We want to be outstanding on in every possible aspect when it comes to protecting and respecting our environment.

Transparency Is

Our Mantra

We believe in providing an extraordinary workplace combined with prime products with unbeatable customer service. In the following you can learn more details about or company and practice. We want to be transparent with our customers. When you shop at Chic Magnifique you know what you get and what to expect - nothing short of excellence is our goal.

Your Satisfation - Our Pleasure

Offering two categories of hair - Suitable for every budget and occasion.

Real Remy Hair.

Chic Magnifique real hair extensions are made from Remy human hair. Remy hair is considered the finest quality of human hair, since the cuticles are kept intact, unlike most other non-remy hair extensions. Aligning and preserving the hair cuticles in a unilateral direction ensures the natural look and feel of the hair extension.

Our remy hair is durable and they last between 1 and 3 years. They are remarkably soft with a shine and movement that is not easily duplicated in synthetic hair.

Synthetic Hair.

We’ve developed advanced technologies that allow our synthetic to match the real hair. It is difficult to tell the difference - The density and texture are such that they feel almost alike.

Without a human hair extension right next to our high quality synthetic hair, nobody would ever be able to tell the difference.

Our Pricing

Being a direct consumer company allows us to pass the saving on to you! We produce a high volume of products each year, giving us the benefit of greater economies of scale. The result? Premium quality hair extensions without the luxury price tag!

Our Packaging

In consideration of the environmental issues that we are facing nowadays, it is a Chic Magnifique duty to have a minimum impact on the environment. Our complete set of products are manufactured from sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials.

Our products are packaged in a recyclable box and designed to be reused.

Our Staff

Our factories have over 500 full-time dedicated staff - Alongside with with quality control managers at each factory and warehouse. Our employees are provided with 2 daily meals and breakfast, eight-hour work days, weekends, holiday leave, and worker insurance.

Having an experience of 15 years in this branch has made it possible for us to provide a remarkable life for our staff. Without our staff, all of this wouldn’t be possible - Therefore we value them sky-high whilst providing them the best possible life we can!